Program is right on the money for metro girls

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 3:14 PM CDT
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A national non-profit made its way to Nebraska Wednesday with an aim of getting get high school-aged girls interested in careers in finance.

We were there at TD Ameritrade as Burke High School students heard from experts in the financial field.

Rock the Street, Wall Street also works with young women to teach them about personal finance.

For the high school students, job opportunities gained the most interest. Leaders at TD Ameritrade said there's a wide range of opportunities in the financial world.

Judy Ricketts said, "I think it's interesting for these young ladies to know that there's all sorts of different careers here in finance, whether it's human resources or accounting, or contact center management, et cetera. Sometimes there are stereotypes related to the types of jobs they have to have."

Not all of the students say they're interested in working in finance but we're told they're optimistic about all the opportunities they didn't know about before.

Grace Steiner said, "I didn't realize that there are so many because I'm a very creative thinker. I didn't realize I could go into marketing. I didn't realize they had that here. It's great to learn about the opportunities I have here."

Rock the Street, Wall Street has worked with more than 1,000 students in 13 cities across the country. Last year nearly 70-percent of students who took part in the program said they were likely to look into a career in finance.