Pressure washers pose as risk, tips against property damage

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(WOWT) -- As many gear toward fall, sprucing up the house inside and out may be on the list, but Consumer Reports warn pressure washing certain everyday items could result in damage.

The sheer force in a pressure washer can result in chipped paint, dented wood or etched stone, which is why Consumer Reports has tips for you when it comes to cleaning.

First, Consumer Reports suggests getting rid of zero degree nozzles.

They also suggest not power washing your roof. Instead, they suggest spraying the roof down with a fifty-fifty mix of bleach and water. Also, they recommend letting moss die on its own.

Consumer Reports says you can power wash wood, siding made of vinyl, fiber cement, and asphalt. They express caution with aluminum siding.

For moldy mildew, use low pressure and soap, and for grease, use a finer, targeted stream.

You should be able to power wash most decks, and start with a low nozzle so as to not etch or mark the wood.

Consumer Reports says the best power washer comes in at just $500. It's the Cub Cadet Model CC3224.