Presidential candidate Andrew Yang campaigns in Council Bluffs before Caucuses

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Omaha (WOWT)-- Before the set up for town hall, Andrew Yang was in downtown Council Bluffs meeting with canvassers. This group was out door-knocking inviting people to come out to this evening’s town hall.

Andrew Yang brought his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination to Council Bluffs on Saturday.

Yang has earned his way into the next debate stage but is trailing in the polls. Tonight’s event ahead of the caucuses is a big push for him to rally some final numbers before Iowans decide who they favor.

During his campaign Yang has pushed his message on climate change, Medicare for all and his freedom dividend—-which is monthly stipend he says will help Americans prosper.

“This campaign is doing something very ambitious and understand so needed and so necessary to this suffering but is experiencing that you see yourself subscribing to on a daily basis it does not need to be this way,” said Yang.

Yang has been running on the saying, not right, not left, forward. But we some voters say they don’t think he represents Iowa’s way forward.

Jeff Jorgensen was at the debate and is optimistic.

"He's got a pretty good mountain to climb at this point. The caucus is going to be next week here in Iowa but he's here and working it," said Jorgensen.

Polling is where Yang needs the most help. He's consistently met donor goals.

He has stayed away from addressing polling numbers directly but was persistent when it came to encouraging those who were door-knocking for him.

"He's on board with the standard priorities that the democrats have and I don't believe in Iowa that's going to play," said Jorgensen.