Pottawatomie County issues flood warning, Missouri River to rise 5 feet

POTTAWATOMIE, Iowa. (WOWT)-- Officials in Pottawattomie County are on alert issuing a new flood warning as heavy rain to the north is expected to push the Missouri River into the flood stage.

According to officials, the Missouri River could rise 5 feet.

Pottawattamie Emergency Management says some low lying areas could start to see flooding as early as this weekend that includes parts of Interstate 29 and Interstate 680.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is going to try to prevent those roads from closing by reducing the amount of water they’re allowing to come through Gavin’s Point Dam for the next few days.

The Missouri River isn’t actually supposed to crest until next Saturday the 21st. However, officials say people who live in areas that still have floodwaters or areas with damaged levees need to start monitoring conditions now.

For residents that live along the Missouri River north of Council Bluffs and West of Interstate 29 should be proactive now to protect their property.

Authorities say you should be prepared to leave before conditions get worse. 6 News is told that roads that have been previously impacted by the flood are vulnerable to closures.