Pontoon cruisers spot fire and save family

A beautiful lake house is still standing and the family inside are safe tonight. All thanks quick action by a group of young people on a midnight cruise.

A scorched wall doesn’t tell enough about the Keegan family's close call.

It was after midnight early Saturday when Peter Ciurej took friends on a pontoon ride through the 13 coves of west shores.

Lisa Lausten said, “guys I think there’s a house on fire.”So Pete went full throttle. He said, “I just gunned it got there as fast as I could.”
The pontoon hit the beach like a landing craft with friends like Bobby Lausten leaping into action. Lausten said he banged on doors and yelled, “House is on fire."

The banging on all the doors woke the family. Karen Keegan said, “I was asleep but shaking so bad and the adrenaline and had a granddaughter in there and my mother in law was in that room.”

The family got out while Bobby and others hosed the wood pile burning right next to the house.

Fishing nearby, Waterloo firefighter Tyler Davidson responded. Davidson said, “If they wouldn’t have seen that it would have been a different story.”

Homeowner Karen Keegan said, “Sometimes people just kind of keep on going but if it weren’t for you guys i don’t know i would have a house standing.”

What started the wood pile on fire remains a mystery. Nobody in the house smokes but there could have been fireworks in the area. Waterloo fire crews arrived just five minutes after the boaters called in the fire.