Police: sexual predators can use Pokemon Go against you

Published: Jul. 14, 2016 at 9:55 PM CDT
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As the Pokemon Go craze grabs hold, police warn sexual predators could be using the app for their own lures.

"Definitely concerned about sexual predators. They can be on that app also trying to lure you to a certain location,” said OPD Officer Dale Schmitz.

One Omaha mother said she plays the game; but says, while her daughter is a huge fan of the Pokemon TV show, she's not quite ready for it. Other mothers WOWT 6 News spoke with Thursday say they're always teaching their kids stranger danger and they keep an eye on them when they go to the park. But the dangers are evolving.

"Very concerning. I think our society has changed greatly with electronics just in the last 5 years or so," said Jenny Minino.

Pokestops are very popular, attracting players like the man who was robbed at Dewey Park earlier this week while playing the game. Well compare the virtual reality world of the Pokémon game to a map depicting the nearest sexual predators and the results, might be alarming.

"It may be where they're living; it may not,” said Officer Dale Schmitz.

Because those predators can choose to set a lure at any Pokestop they'd like.

Earlier this week,

Officers tell us those lures could be set by anyone, so tread carefully.

"You gotta use common sense with this and you have to know where your kids are at," said Minino.

"Be cautious of your surroundings and what's going on," Officer Schmitz said.