Police say no charges for Florida father who asked clerk if he could pawn his infant child

Police say no charges for father who asked clerk if he could pawn his infant child (Source: Sarasota Police Department)
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Police in Sarasota, Florida say a 43-year-old father will not face charges after asking a clerk from a local jewelry store if he could pawn his infant child.

Sarasota Police say the father walked into the A&F Jewelry and Loan store on North Washington Boulevard around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 with his infant child in a carrier and asked the clerk if he could pawn a baby. The clerk told police he didn’t respond and eventually the man left, but while leaving he reportedly said, “I just need a babysitter for like two weeks.”

Based on statements the man made, the clerk was concerned for the safety of the child and contacted Sarasota Police. Police then released video of the man Tuesday night to ask for the public’s help identifying him. At the time, police did not know the relationship between the man and the infant.

Within two hours of posting the video to social media, police say the man saw himself on social media and went to police to explain what happened. He told officers that he had involved the clerk in a prank and that he had intended to post video of that prank on social media.

Detectives say they determined the child was safe but they contacted the Florida Department of Children and Family Services as a routine part of their investigation.

At this time, the man is not facing any charges.

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