Police reports show history of abuse before fatal stabbing

Published: Jun. 6, 2016 at 9:34 PM CDT
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A murder victim and her accused killer were scheduled to be in court Thursday, hashing out a history of abuse. Instead, one of the women was dead and the other was charged with her murder.

Fifty-eight-year-old Darlene Endsley was arrested last Monday night for murder after police say she stabbed her roommate, 60-year-old Angela Parks, to death during an argument at a boarding house near North 30th and Pinkney streets.

about her mother's murder charges, WOWT 6 News started to look back at the abuse she says her mother suffered.

"When my mother would call me crying because of Angie's torments I thought it would end with my mother's life not the other way around," said Free.

WOWT 6 New brought the findings to people who work with victims of abuse.

"When you're around abusive behavior you start to emulate abusive behavior,” said Elizabeth Power with Women’s Center for Advancement.

That behavior is well documented in a number of police reports; all take place at the home. In just the past couple of years, Parks was accused of throwing punches, hitting her roommate with a can of food, kitchen pans, whipping a man with an electric cord and yet another woman with a stick. Parks was also accused of holding a knife to another woman's neck.

"Obviously holding a steak knife to somebody is not how relationships should be,” said Power.

So why would Endsley continue to live with Parks?

"Sometimes there's dependency. That dependency can be financial, it can be emotional," said Power.

Whatever the dependency was, the women lived together for years and even after Endsley filed a protective order against Parks back in April.

"The perpetrator will be served and they will know that you're taking this action against them. Sometimes that can aggravate somebody even more,” said Power.

The two women were set to appear for a hearing last Thursday, but instead Endsley was in court on a murder charge.

"The situation in and of itself is tragic. Angie's death and my mom's incarceration are both tragic,” Free said.

The Women's Center For Advancement has support for anyone at any point in the process of trying to break from an abusive relationship. Even in the case of filing protective orders.

Experts say sometimes trying to sort out the legal side of things can create more tension and that tension can lead to this kind of violence.

The WCA hotline is staffed 24/7 with both English and Spanish options to assist anyone needing assistance in regard to domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking. Call 402-345-7273 if you need help.