Police arrest suspect in string of shootings

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Omaha police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for three separate shootings that occurred between Oct. 15 and Oct. 19.

Prezident Mickens, 20, was arrested on two counts of second-degree assault, one count of attempted assault and three counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony.

Police were lead to Mickens when the three different shooting victims all described the same black Chrysler Pacifica as the vehicle of the shooter.

On the evening of Oct. 15, Kodjovi Tsogbe, 41, was shot while in the area of 27th and Jaynes.

Bradford Bolden, 31, was shot the following morning in the area of 25th and Bauman.

Both men's injuries were not considered serious.

On the morning of Oct. 19 Edward Hodges, 63, was shot at. The bullet missed Hodges but hit his house.

Mickens was originally booked on Oct. 20 for terroristic threats regarding an incident that happened on Sept. 19 at the Westroads Mall where he had threatened to shoot several people. He left the mall in a black Pacifica.

The Westroads arrest and investigation connected Mickens to the shootings. He also faces terroristic threat charges.

The man had never been arrested for a criminal offense before the shooting spree.

Mickens' mother said her son was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. The family has been trying to get him help for several years.

She said he's been off his medication for the last several weeks.

"It's just different now. He's not the same kid anymore, but he's still my kid. I still love my kid. That is my kid regardless," Mickens' mom said.

She said he had a mental breakdown at college.

"This was a church kid, fun loving, very happy. That's not what you'd see when you see him now," she said.

The news of Mickens' actions has been upsetting.

"My heart goes out to those people that were hurt because we would never want that. My heart hurts for those people because I would never want to feel like I stepped outside my door and I just got shot," his mother said.

She doesn't know what happened, but she wants her son to be charged fairly.

"The things that he's being accused of, if this did happen, they are bad things. But he is not a bad child. He didn't ask for that, he didn't ask to be schizophrenic," Mickens' mother said.

The family said he has been hospitalized several times, and they just hope he can get the treatment he needs.