Plattsmouth family escapes house fire

Published: Jun. 6, 2018 at 7:35 PM CDT
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Fire engulfed the Martin home in Buccaneer Bay Wednesday morning.

“My son had a fan going in the garage and something happened and it shorted or whatever and started a fire in the garage,” said Skye Martin. “It looked like an inferno.”

Martin says a passerby saw what was happening. She said, “and started banging on our door and said there was a fire and all of us got out safely.”

Her son Brian may have been in the most danger.

“His room is the one that got the most damage besides the garage. Right above the garage…yes, yes right above the garage.”

The family dog, Bud, was also safe.

“My husband had to carry him out. He's a big bulldog and he couldn't run fast enough. So he just picked him up. And he slept through the whole thing didn't bother him a bit.”

A boat and car that were in the garage are both completely destroyed.

The Martin's were able to salvage some items.

“We've got some of our books and pictures and some of our clothes,” said Skye.

They also got a lot of unexpected help.

“Yes, we have. A lot of our neighbors, some I've never met, coming by and offering us a place to go, we could shower, if we needed food or water…very, very humbling to have that many people come and make sure you are OK. It's a great neighborhood,” Skye said.

Skye says she and Dave spoke with the man who knocked on their door warning them of the fire.

They know he lives nearby, but don't know his name. Skye has a message for him: “I'd like to thank him very, very much again because he probably saved our lives,” she said.