Plans for Blackstone neighborhood condos raise concerns for neighbors

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The City Planning Board on Wednesday took a look at plans for a 15-unit condo building on 38th and Dewey streets.

Residents in the Blackstone District say the project from Noddle Co. just doesn't fit the neighborhood.

Rhonda Stuberg with the Blackstone Neighborhood Association says it doesn't fit with the historical feel.

"There's lots of development going on in Blackstone and you didn't see us in an uproar with all of those," Stuberg said. "...We worked with the developers they helped by putting some of the aspects in their building we were looking for and we just got none of that this time around."

Developer Jay Noddle pushed for the planning board to make a decision today. Instead, it has been pushed a month back.

"I think it's important we get to a resolution quickly so we can keep the process moving, we're very committed to doing projects like this in the core of the city," Noddle said.

Stuberg says that Noddle isn't willing to make the changes that will fit in with the neighborhood.

Noddle said they will be holding an open meeting for neighbors, to hear their concerns and see what modifications they can make to make everyone happy.