Picasso discovers the art of scratching the itch

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Allergies can make a mess of your world and your pets might know the feeling.

They're not immune from the suffering that allergies can bring. Diagnosing them can be a challenge.

Picasso turned up at the Nebraska Humane Society with irritated skin. The stress of being in a shelter coupled with changes in diet and routine made things worse.

Dog allergies can be caused by different triggers. Seasonal allergies accompany the appearance of pollen and mold in the environment. Contact allergies are also caused by the environment. Picasso's red paws could be caused by grass or whatever else he's been walking through.

Food can also be a trigger.

Picasso was introduced to a dermatologist. He has a different diet now and gets a bath every week. A prescription addresses the itching.

The condition is manageable and NHS hopes that with continued help he might be able to ditch the meds.

Picasso needs an owner who can focus on the positives. He's a little shy and gentle but he can startle so he probably wouldn't be good around small children.