Pharmacy director being investigated for embezzling millions

Published: Dec. 3, 2018 at 5:58 PM CST
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An Omaha pharmacy director allegedly embezzled millions of dollars from the hospital where she worked, and now the Nebraska Attorney General is asking the Public Health Board to step in.

Lisa Kwapniowski, 49, was the pharmacy Director at Children's Hospital and Medical Center until this past summer, when she was fired.

The Attorney General alleges she embezzled more than $4 million through a drug invoicing scheme that went on for six years.

Investigators claim Kwapniowski created a fictitious medication called "Broxcilam" and made invoices on her personal computer for the make-believe drug to be paid by Children's Hospital to a company of her creation called "RxSYnergy."

The state alleges she billed the hospital 231 times, and transferred the money to her personal accounts.

Officials with Children's Hospital and Medical Center said they fired the pharmacy director after learning about the accusations in June, and continue to cooperate with law enforcement on the investigation.

They also told 6 News they have "taken steps to ensure a situation like this could not happen again."

A case has been made to take away Kwapniowski's license to practice pharmacy in Nebraska. She is yet to face any criminal charges.

No one answered the door when 6 News stopped by Kwapniowski's home to get a comment.