Petitioners for medical marijuana approach deadline

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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A petition drive to put medical marijuana on the ballot is entering the final phase. Organizers have 13-days to get the signatures required.

The final push is on for those collecting signatures to get medical cannabis on the Nebraska ballot for November.

The deadline to turn in 120,000 valid signatures of registered Nebraska voters from a cross-section of counties is July 2nd.

The coronavirus pandemic cost organizers two months on the calendar.

Because of that, supporters have put into place a number of safety precautions, even drive through signature stations.

This line was at a home in Gretna last weekend. Colton Eggers turns 6 next month and despite the 13 different medications he's tried to limit his epileptic seizures — they don't help.

His family believes that medical cannabis could help Colton as it has other children in other states.

Crista Eggers, from Gretna, said, "We're families. We're just normal people who want access to plant-based medication -- because all of these failed."

The Eggers family will be hosting another drive-thru signature collecting event for medical marijuana at their Gretna home from 5-8 tonight, located just north of Highway 370 on 172nd Street.

Governor Ricketts and Attorney General Peterson have been the most public outspoken critics urging Nebraskans to recognize the science. That marijuana is dangerous, addictive, and legalizing any aspect of it sends the wrong message to young people.

Organizers with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana tell 6 News they're very close to reaching their goal, but want a cushion of additional signatures just in case some are disqualified.