PetSmart plays a key role in NHS pet adoptions

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The Nebraska Humane Society has a sidekick in the animal adoption business to help get more pets into homes.

PetSmart helps the Humane Society with pet adoptions

NHS typically deals with dogs and cats but they also adopt out horses, barnyard buddies and critters. One of their adoption partners is PetSmart.

The five PetSmart stores in the Omaha metro area are responsible for hundreds of adoptions each year. They are a lifesaver for cats during the summer and early fall when NHS has so many cats and kittens coming in.

Each PetSmart has 10 cat kennels. That's an extra 50 cats that NHS can house and showcase at any given time. The Humane Society has a section on its website that shows cats at the PetSmart locations.

The stores also adopt out guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters when NHS have an overabundance of critters. They will house and take care of them freeing up space and resources at the shelter.

But PetSmart's help doesn't end there. PetSmart charities advocates for adoptions. Their mission is to see animals get into homes through adoption so they offer monetary rewards to shelters and rescues that use their services. In other words, when you adopt at a PetSmart, no matter if it's a cat, a critter or a dog, you help earn donations for the agency you're adopting from. So your adoption not only gives your adopted animal a new home, it helps provide funding for those animals that will need shelter or rescue services in the future.

The next time you're looking for a cat or a critter you can make it more convenient and check out your nearby PetSmart. If you adopt, that effort will be rewarded twice. Your buddy will get a new home and you'll help fund care until someone else finds a new home too.