Personal data of 100+ high school students compromised in email from Creighton University

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - More than 100 local high school students involved in Creighton University's "Trio Program" had their personal data compromised in an email sent to parents in the program. The email included the students' names, birthdays, and social security numbers.

Alesha Dumas's daughter is a high school senior and part of Creighton's "Trio Program," which works with low income and minority students to help them pursue their college dreams. When Dumas recently received an email from Creighton about her daughter's upcoming test review session, she was shocked to find the email included personal information of more than 100 Trio students: names, birthdays, social security numbers, and more.

Dumas told 6 News: "The only thing I thought about was how society is today and a lot of people having their identity stolen... We are at risk with the kids... In the wrong hands this can be terminal."

Dumas told 6 News she wants Creighton to apologize to the students and their parents for the "negligent email."

Creighton University released the following statement:

"Creighton University was made aware that a document containing personal information about students in our Trio program was emailed to families involved in the program. An investigation is underway to find out what happened, what information was in the document, and who may be affected. Once the investigation is complete, the University will take any necessary steps to ensure that the privacy rights of anyone affected by this incident are protected."