People question legality of sex offender living in assisted living facility

Published: Jan. 14, 2019 at 3:52 PM CST
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Concerns have been raised over a registered sex offender who is living in an assisted living community in Fort Calhoun.

A few people connected to those living in the community are questioning whether or not the arrangement is legal.

There are 48 apartments for seniors at the Autumn Pointe Assisted Living Services. One of those units is occupied by a registered sex offender, but the company officials said no one living in the community is at risk.

Amy Wilcox Burns works for Dimensions in Senior Living, the company that owns the assisted living community in Fort Calhoun. She said she understands the concern.

"Oh a hundred percent, a hundred percent what I would tell you is we wouldn't have admitted this gentleman if it had been something illegal and if we had concerns for our residents, our staff and the community," Burns said.

Dave Woodard has a friend that lives in the complex, and doesn't think it's ok.

"I think it's terrible, 'cause to be in a place like this where they're treating people decently and you got somebody in there that's like, I don't know, it's a danger hiding in a bad corner," he said.

Fort Calhoun has a sex offender ordinance, bu tit only applies to offenders living close to schools or day cares.

"And this is perfectly within the law. Yes it is. There is nothing within the assisted living regulations or local regulations that this would be in violation of," Burns said.

She said they have not had any issues or complaints since the person moved in, and she believes no one who lives at the facility or visits is in any danger.

If kids come into our building, there's always an adult with them. We make sure there's a staff person in all activities that any minor would be involved," Burns aid. "The idea of having a sex offender in your community is not something that anybody wants to thin about> i have kids. I totally understand that."

Autumn Pointe officials also said the sex offender is only a temporary placement, and won't be in the facility long-term.