Omaha pastors walk out on meeting with Gov. Ricketts after offensive comment

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 10:40 PM CDT
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Offended by a commented made by Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, a group of Omaha pastors walked out on a meeting Monday night they and north Omaha leaders were having with the governor on the heels of the protests held in the city over the past few days.

Following the walkout, one of the pastors posted on

to explain why he walked out of the meeting.

According to the pastor’s statement: "Pete Ricketts said, 'The problem I have with you people.' Did you hear what I just said? 'The problem I have with you people.' Ladies and gentlemen, I walked out of the Police Chief's office. I walked out on Gov. Pete Ricketts as he said — he called us 'you people.’ ”

In response, Ricketts released the following statement: “I chose my words poorly and apologized when it became apparent that I had caused offense."

On Tuesday,

, who was also at the meeting, talked with 6 News and said although he didn't hear the exact comment, he did stress that once the comment was made, about a third of the people at the meeting — those who had heard the comment — left.

The governor apologized immediately, Love said.

Love also said Tuesday that for the last two months, he and others have been working with the governor on various issues. Love said he believes the governor meant to say “you guys” but what came out was “you people.”