Paramedic credits teamwork for life-saving effort at Westside game

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A major medical issue during an Omaha high school football game got the attention of the fans last week. The issue didn’t involve a player but rather the parent of a band member who needed help on the field.

Halftime at last week’s Westside football game lasted a little longer than expected. A good crowd was out to watch Papillion-La Vista taking on the Westside Warriors.

Keith Roragen and his wife Jessica were there. Jessica was helping with the halftime activities when Keith noticed her fall down.

“I ran down the sidewalk and end up jumping over the fence onto the field and got to her,” Keith said. “She wasn’t responsive. I was terrified. I didn't know what was going on. She’s never had any health problems before.”

Jessica’s heart had stopped. Several people rushed to her side to give aid and then the medic squad that was on scene for the football game showed up and brought out the defibrillator.

Adam Wainwright was a paramedic assigned to the Westside game. He was the one with the defibrillator.

“The patient was in a life-threatening heart rhythm,” he said. “In those situations we administer a shock to the heart.”

After two shocks Jessica came around and was off to the hospital.

Wainwright said, “The big goal in this profession of EMS is to help other people. In this situation we all worked together as a team.”

The start of the third quarter was delayed because of the emergency. The wait was well worth it. Keith said Jessica has more tests to go through but he said she should be fine.