HEARTLAND FLOOD: Pacific Junction residents return home, discover severe damage

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- It's been a month since devastating floodwaters tore across the heartland.

On Sunday, some homeowners in Pacific Junction, Iowa were finally allowed back into their homes for the first time.

"There were no words. There really wasn't,” said Deanna Langlet of Pacific Junction.

Langlet and her husband returned to their home just west of the train tracks.
They'd come to find it was more of a recovery than a return.

“To see that everything that you built your life on gone...there's just no way to describe it. We lost everything,” said Langlet.

Before they returned Sunday, the Langlets only saw floodwaters surrounding their home from aerial pictures.
The amount evident by muddy water tracks on the siding.

"It took me about an hour to get my head around everything,” said Langlet. "We knew everything was going to be dirty, we knew everything would probably be shifted around, but we didn't know our house was going to cave in.”

The front door was walled shut by a book case. The house sliding off the foundation.

"We actually had to break windows to be able to get in to retrieve anything,” said Langlet.

Floorboards jutting up from beneath their feet - furniture flipped and thrown all over the living space.

"Like a giant came in and threw it all over and dumped it,” said Langlet.

Fifty years of valuables gone by the wayside.

"Just nothing left of it,” said Langlet.

The town inside the tracks is just where the the Langlets want to be.

Pacific Junction is their home. A home they're unsure can be what it once was.

"There are no words. Really. There are no words,” said Langlet.
The Langlets say they plan to stay in Pacific Junction and hope to re-build, but are unsure when that could be.

They believe a lot of people in the town will choose to stay if the county reinforces the levees so they can all feel secure again.

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