Owner offers apology after Rottweiler attacked another dog

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The owner of a Rottweiler has come forward with an apology and explanation after her dog attacked someone else’s pet. She called the Nebraska Humane Society after our Six on Your Side report on Thursday.

Dog injured in attack by Rottweiler

We told you about Nigel barely surviving a vicious bite from a Rottweiler. The bigger dog pulled away from its owner while being walked around Flanagan Lake. Charles Nolder and Steph Jesseau were walking their dogs the other way when Nigel was attacked.

The Rottweiler owner left without providing information. On Friday, Nigel was back home and doing much better. Meanwhile Charles got a call from the Rottweiler owner, “just saying how sorry she was,” Nolder said. “She didn’t realize he was hurt and so I really appreciate she stepped up and did the right thing and has made an offer to pay for his medical bills.”

Those bills could add up to about $8,000.

The Humane Society said the Rottweiler that bit Nigel is licensed and up-to-0date on vaccinations but the owner has been cited for not restraining the dog and damaging property which is how the law describes what happened.