One year later, pig farmer recalls the Heartland Flood

Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 7:55 PM CDT
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It all started one year ago.

for Eric Alberts and his dad Doug inside their hog barn.

A bigger mess -- hundreds of hogs that didn't survive the flood that swept through here a year ago.

“All together we end up losing just short of 900 head. About $210,000,” Doug said. “It was just heartbreaking. You work hard for something and then it all disappears in 24 hours, it's tough.”

Doug says floodwater rose to about four feet in his barn. Doug was able to save himself and something that proved to be very valuable -- he was able to save 17 piglets.

“They had a litter of pigs after the flood, they were rebred, they've already had another litter of pigs and they're actually rebreeding one more time right now and so I think them 17 gave me hope,” Doug said.

Things are getting better here, but they're not back to normal.

But there is new life -- lots of it. These piglets will help to replace all the hogs that were lost in the flood.

“it's still going to take 6 to 8 months to back to our full capacity of what we were doing before the flood,” Doug said.

When Doug Alberts adds up the hogs that were lost and the farm equipment ruined by the flood, the total loss to his pork-producing operation is about $600,000.

“There are people that were devastated by this flood and I don't think, I mean we got hit but there's people in worse shape than us and I hope they come out of it and recover,” Doug said. “I mean, losing your house, losing all your personal things is more devastating than what we went through.”

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