One school, 10 perfect ACT scores

Published: May. 16, 2018 at 10:38 PM CDT
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Millard North High School is home to 10 perfect ACT scores so far this year.

"I kind of crammed like, maybe two weeks before,” said Millard North junior Khoa Nguyen.

It may not be the best advice but needless to say the parents of 10 students at Millard North High School are ecstatic over their students ACT scores.

"They didn't believe me when I got it,” Nguyen said.

For some students, like junior Charlie Peng, this is not his first rodeo. It's his third time taking the test.

Reporter: "What was your first score?"

Peng: "36."

Reporter: "Ok, and your second score?"

Peng: "36."

Reporter: "And your third score?”

Peng: "36."

For first-timers like Lucy Tu she was just curious what her baseline score might be. So she took the ACT as a sophomore.

Reporter: "Why not, right? And you got a 36, were you expecting that?"

Lucy Tu: "Not at all. I was just hoping to get a good score, maybe like high 20's."

These students say it's all about content and if you're a diligent student, in general you're already halfway there.

"Not spacing off during class, paying attention to what the teacher says, trying to understand exactly what it means,” said Peng.

Many of these students also spent a lot of time studying test-taking technique.

"For example, in the reading section, I like to go to the questions first, and there's some questions that ask like, 'in Line 72 of this passage...' I go straight to Line 72, I mark that area, and then, I draw a line to that corresponding question, and then, when I'm reading through the whole passage, I know there's a question there, and I should pay closer attention,” he said.

The most important piece of advice they have is this:

Lucy Tu: "This number does not define you."

Peng: "Just your general character as a person probably matters more than a single test score ever could."

Just to give you an idea of how rare this is, only about .02 percent of students, nationwide receive a perfect score on the ACT.