Big Ten Media Days: Nebraska's Khalil Davis one-on-one

 Nebraska's Khalil Davis
Nebraska's Khalil Davis (WOWT)
Published: Jul. 18, 2019 at 4:28 PM CDT
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Hi I'm Ross Jernstrom from the Big Ten Football Media Days in Chicago with me is Nebraska Defensive Lineman Khalil Davis.

Khalil this is your senior year, what does that mean?

Davis said: "It means everything we are trying to do everything the right way, with the second year of Coach Frost's offense, we are loaded on defense and we are going to do the work this year."

Ross said: "You look in great shape, how did summer conditioning go with Coach Duval?"

Davis said:"It went well, this year was awesome he did not really tell us what to do, he told us what workout to do, we went out there worked and killed it, even the metabolic workouts in the winter we knew we had to get bigger, we took advantage of that utilize what Coach Duval wanted for us, so we have gotton bigger I think you guys can see that."

Ross said: "This Nebraska team has a lot of high hopes, a lot of people are picking you to win the Big Ten West, what do you think about all these big predictions for the team?"

Davis said: "We see it, we talk among each other, its earned, not given, we are a team that is going to earn it each weekend, so that is our plan for the season."

Ross said:"Thanks Khalil..we hope to see you at the Big Ten championship in Indianapolis, this December."

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