Big Ten Media Days: Huskers Quarterback Adrian Martinez one-on-one

Hi I'm Ross Jernstrom at the Big Ten Football Media Days in Chicago with me the quarterback of the Huskers Adrian Martinez. Adrian I see you on the cover of all these college football magazines, what to you tink of all this attention that you getting this summer?

Adrian Martinez said: 'It's a humbling experience and I definitely thankful for it all, but right now none of that matters at all too much, I am just focused on helping my team, the best way possible and to win more games this year."

Ross said: "Tell me about this team you second year at quarterback, that freshman year you had a record breaking season, how does the second year look for you?"

Martinez said:"I am excited, I am excited for this team, we have been working really hard this off season, good things to come, and building off of last year."

Ross said: "You have a lot of weapons on this offense how does it look?"

Martinez said: "It looks very good right now, I think anytime you have Coach Frost at the helm calling plays we can be pretty dangerous."

Ross said: "Well I think you are getting the best dressed award here at the Big Ten Media Days, pretty sharp, do you dress like this a lot?"

Martinez said:"Lets just say this is just a few times a year thing, I like athletic shorts, but I appreciate it."

Ross said: "Adrian Martinez the quarterback for the Huskers,thanks for joining us, I'm Ross Jernstrom at the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago."