Omaha's official Christmas tree makes the trek to Durham Museum

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Tradition forged on Monday morning as Omaha's official Christmas tree began its journey to serve as the centerpiece of the metro holiday celebration - taking up a position at the Durham Museum for the holidays.

Omaha's "official" Christmas tree on the move to the Durham Museum

Union Pacific employees handled the pre-Thanksgiving carving duties clipping the 40-foot blue spruce donated by John and Dianna Flores of Omaha.

From its starting position, reaching 40 feet toward the clouds, to its Phase II iteration as a stump, it's on to Phase III where the spruce will take its place in the book of Omaha holiday traditions, donning its holiday trimmings for its Christmastime gig at the Durham.

As traditions go, this one dates back to the 1930s. UP would cut Omaha’s Christmas tree from along the railroad right-of-way in the Pacific Northwest. From there they'd transport it to Union Station. The tradition rekindled when Union Station became a museum in the 1970s.