Omaha's impound lot fills up as pandemic stifles auctions

Published: Jun. 21, 2020 at 5:30 PM CDT
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The pandemic had changed many ways the City of Omaha operates -- including the impound lot.

One source told 6 News almost 100 cars were brought in Sunday and not many spaces remain.

A viewer said a car parked in a relative’s neighborhood without plates had been sitting on the side of the road for about two weeks.

He said when he called the City of Omaha Mayor’s Hotline to get the car towed, he was told not to bother right now because the lot was full.

He said if that’s the case, it’s on the city to find additional room for cars instead of leaving them in neighborhoods.

“It’s a smaller thing but it’ll turn into a bigger thing, because everything starts out small and it festers into something bigger,” the man said.

The city’s main means of getting cars out of the impound lot is through auctions. In-person auctions have been canceled and two online auctions have been held instead.

6 News has reached out to city officials to learn how big of an issue they may be facing and what someone should do if they need a car towed.

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