Omaha woman gives back by making hundreds of caps for healthcare workers

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 7:58 PM CDT
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The medical professionals on the front lines of the coronavirus battle need to protect themselves to stay in the fight. They’re getting help from someone whose life was saved and now wants to give back.

Sewing dozens of surgical caps and gearing up to make masks Linda Pieri can’t meet the health professionals she’s helping protect.

Linda Pieri, Seamstress said, “I know that if I get COVID-19 I probably will not survive it. I have many health issues.”

The seamstress works eight hours a day transforming sanitized hospital scrubs into personal protective gear.

“This is the surgical cap, my mask this is just a prototype,” said Pieri.

Because she can’t go outside Linda has a relative put bags full of the surgical caps and soon masks on their front porch. Then a volunteer comes along, picks this up and will deliver it to a local hospital.

After making nearly one hundred surgical caps Linda is changing over to masks and studied homemade designs on the internet.

Pieri said, “I came across some really crazy stuff that people are putting into masks.”

Linda is sticking to 100 percent cotton masks with a filter pocket to hold replaceable tissue.

This is what the medical professionals will look like after they put on Linda’s surgical cap and homemade mask.

After surviving 14 surgeries related to heart and cancer treatment 69-year-old Linda Pieri is donating hours to those who gave her years.

“It’s definitely from the heart,” she said.

Not all the masks Linda makes will go to an Omaha area hospital. She’s sending several to a niece who is an intensive care nurse in New Orleans.

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