Omaha taxpayers frustrated by delayed refunds

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 8:18 PM CDT
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More frustration over income tax refund delays. Some taxpayers have waited up to three months with no check or answers.

A recent widow, Deb Douglas didn’t expect her tax refund to be so uncertain.

“And it’s been over 90 days and that’s $1,774 and since my husband passed away in January, I certainly could use the money for sure,” said Douglas.

Father of three, Robert Kaelin, filed his federal return on February 7th but still no refund.

“People really depend on this kind of money every year,” said Kaelin. “I’ll definitely try to get more to come on my paycheck, than on the tax refund.”

Lakesha Person in Omaha got a message from the IRS not long after filing in February to expect her check-in 21 days. That promise now two months past due.

“People depend on that money we’re working and paying our taxes we should be able to get ours back when we’re supposed to. It shouldn’t be one minute it's processing than just disappear,” said Person.

Through calls and emails, taxpayers have tried to get answers.

Those taxpayers are frustrated because of the COVID virus, they can’t go to the IRS and face to face ask where my refund is. And if they call in most of the answers they get are automated.

An IRS spokesman says he’s not aware of a reason why so many refunds are taking so long.

“It’s so frustrating because there’s nothing you can do. There’s no person you can talk to, to get any answer,” said Douglas.

A nearly completed bathroom remodeling project is where Deb Douglas can use her tax refund check. She says luckily the unexpected delay didn’t get her in hot water with an understanding contractor.

After a call from 6 News, Congressman Don Bacon’s office assigned a staff member to take complaints from taxpayers who have waited months for refund checks. The number to call is 402-938-0300.