Omaha school completes multi-year art project

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Catlin Elementary School in Omaha held its yearly art show on Tuesday, but this year with a twist.

Students spent every school day for three years creating a 360-degree mural in their storm shelter.

Caleb Bell is one of the elementary students who poured hours into the art.

"However, what makes it so fascinating is the mountain lion is right next to a lamb," the student pointed out.

Art teacher Kori Abdoud said small details like that were deliberately painted through the whole shelter.

"We wanted children to come in and feel like they had a safe and peaceful place to come," she said.

Artist Dar Vandavoort said that watching children learn more about the world through painting is her inspiration. Students like Bell are proof of that.

"I will definitely miss this beautiful place," Bell, who is moving on to middle school said.

The completion of the project is bittersweet. Abdoud will be retiring after more than 20 years at the job.

She said that being able to see it to completion and all of the students that helped make it is what made it all worth it.