Omaha rolls out the "Barnacle" for unpaid parking tickets

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- The city of Omaha started using Barnacles today.

The barnacle is a GPS tracked, windshield locking device, designed to replace the boot put on your cars for unpaid parking violations.

According to the city parking division, one in four parking tickets didn’t get paid last year. That equals to $100,000. The city hopes that it will not only solve this problem, but also will be safer for their employees.

“From a safety standpoint, we don't have to get on the ground. And if there's an altercation, we're not blind-sided by someone,” said Ken Smith, Omaha city parking manager.

According to the city, the barnacle is a “last resort.” If you have an outstanding balance of $108 or more- or have more than three unpaid tickets, you could receive a barnacle.

Once received, call the number listed, pay the fine, receive a code to unlock the barnacle and then return your device. If not paid in 24 hours, the car will be towed.