Omaha residents upset over private road potholes

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 5:11 PM CDT
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Drivers are growing frustrated with potholes on a busy street that leads to a popular shopping area near 30th and Hanover Streets. But don’t expect the city to fill them.

Cheryl Bettin owns a Buick but said going to Weber Place Shopping Center requires her to dodge potholes.

“I’m lucky, I frequent this place so I know where these holes are,” she said.

But that makes it harder to share the road and avoid a damaging dip. So Bettin’s driven to get the private streets fixed.

“It needs the same kind of attention that our city streets do with regard to traffic coming and going. People shouldn’t be subjected to risking their vehicles in order to do business at these stores,” she said.

A vice president of OMNE Partners said $12,000 has been budgeted to start resurfacing within three weeks.

But that’s just for the street that splits the grocery store and strip mall.

The street next to fast food restaurants is the responsibility of other property groups but it appears someone didn’t wait for them to act.

A deep pothole has been filled, obviously not by professionals. It looks like concrete chunks placed like a jigsaw puzzle.

Though COVID-19 has cut traffic to the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office, most of the strip mall is open for business and many drivers are frustrated getting there.

“When you hit a pothole like these and tearing up your car, it can break the axle or anything,” one driver said.

Though the streets are privately owned, so many customers drive in and out of the shopping area that Bettin said a long-lasting repair is of public interest.

Two other property groups are responsible for the second private street filled with potholes. A message from 6 News to one group hasn’t been returned.