Omaha neighborhood speaks out against abandoned eye sore

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- An abandoned house in southwest Omaha has neighbors angry with how it’s impacting their own yards.

Cara Jorgenson is a neighbor of the abandoned house and hates what she sees.

“What a view, what a bad view,” said Jorgenson.

According to Jorgensen, the owner of the abandoned home, which is located behind her, has more than let the yard go.

“The weeds are taller than I am, when there are volunteer trees that are interfering with the growth of my own tree and my yard, then it’s a problem,” said Jorgenson.

Another neighbor walked through the unlocked fence and took matters into her own hands.

“We had to go over and at least lop off the mulberry bushes that were so thick, mulberry trees [were] growing up and over into our yard,” said the neighbor.

According to the neighbor, there is also a pool back in the back yard full of weeds and a half-open hot tub creating a breeding pool for mosquitos.

Inspectors are aware of the overgrowth and sent the owner a notice to clean up the yard or the city will do it.

Neighbors are worried the problem will just grow back and hope the owner will sell it to someone who will flip it.

The city has to give the owner a period of time for cleanup before coming in. The property is now a top priority for city crews.

6 News reached out to the owner, but there has been no response.