Omaha native survives destructive Missouri tornado

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (WOWT) Parts of Missouri, left in ruins tonight after tornadoes ripped through the state Wednesday killing at least three in Golden City.

A terrifying tornado tore through Jefferson City just before midnight.

"I was sitting on the tub and shaking,” said Omaha native and Jefferson City, Mo. native, Kat Langley. "I literally got home just in time,” said Langley.

The Omaha North graduate moved to Jefferson City four years ago for college.

She graduated in May and works as a personal trainer.

She was at the gym Wednesday night when a severe weather alert pinged her phone.

"Okay. I'm from Nebraska. I go through this all the time,” said Langley.

But her courage soon sank after a second message warning popped up - a tornado projected to arrive at her door in 15 minutes.

"My heart kind of dropped. I'm like, 'Oh shoot,’” said Langley.

She sprinted to her car and made the short drive home in complete darkness.

"Literally, as I got my flashlight, turned it on, literally as I closed the door the tornado hit my neighborhood,” said Langley. "The screechiness of all the buildings and everything being torn apart. It was just so crazy and just happened within like 20 seconds and then it was like dead silent.”

The National Weather Service confirmed a large and destructive EF-3 tornado hit Jefferson City at 11:43 p.m.

The twister traveled at 40 miles per hour wrecking homes and trapping people under debris.

"It literally felt like I was in a movie scene,” said Langley.

Once it passed, Langley ventured out to see the damage for herself.

Buildings were destroyed, trees uprooted, and people were trapped under debris.

"The sign from Break Time, the gas station across the street, was hanging in our tree. I was like, 'Oh my gosh.' The roof from Sonic was in our parking lot,” said Langley. "It just looked like kids at daycare when it's playtime. Stuff was literally everywhere."

Langley told 6 News she'll be okay. Her apartment building is partially damaged, but a lot of her friends lost everything in the tornado.

She still lives without power and said it will not be restored until Saturday.