Omaha mother preaches love over hate after daughter is target of racist insults

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 3:35 PM CDT
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An Omaha mother is preaching a powerful message of love over hate after her daughter was the victim of racism.

“That’s why Black people are dying more than white people. B***h,” a girl in the video says.

Watching the video sent to her 9-year-old daughter by people she thought were friends has Nakeya Wraggs nearly speechless.

6 News blurred out the faces of the children in the videos and altered their voices because of their ages.

“I just can’t believe things like this are coming out of children of their ages’ mouths,” Wraggs said.

“And I don’t care if I say the N-word. N****r n****r n****r n****r,” a girl says in the video.

Wraggs said this happened a few days ago and she’s still struggling to process it.

“I really can’t describe the main feeling but it’s hurtful,” she said.

She doesn't understand how kids so young would even know to say things like this.

6 News spoke on the phone with the mother of one of the girls in the video.

The mother claimed Zyneah bullied her child and that’s why she made this video and alleges the only reason her daughter knows this language is from watching the news.

A woman who claimed to be the aunt of the other girl in the video sent Wraggs a message on Facebook.

“My niece is (name) and her blank got handed to her tonight. This is unacceptable and disgusting,” Wraggs read from the message.

Despite the feelings of hurt, Wraggs hopes her daughter can grow and learn from this.

“This is not something that you react with hate. You have to forgive them for what they did. Or it’ll sit on her heart and bother her,” she said.

As for the girls in the video, Wraggs hopes they realize what they did and take this as a jumping-off point for change.

“They have to search deep within their hearts. They have to want to listen to what we have to say, to where we’re coming from. It starts with conversation,” Wraggs said.

Wraggs hopes the parents of both girls in the video not only apologize to her but to her daughter as well.