Omaha man says trash service Saturday was unacceptable

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - In videos and pictures sent to 6 News by Thomas Carpenter, you can see a garbage truck pull in front of his house Saturday and leave waste behind.

This happened in the Wynnewood neighborhood in north Omaha.

"There was a break in the game so I went out to pick up the trash cans, looked down the street and saw apples everywhere then looked up the street there was debris from trees," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said his neighbors cleaned up apples from their tree to be thrown away, but they just ended up spilled on the pavement.

"I'm paying taxes so it needs to be taken care of and how it was left was just horrible," Carpenter said.

He did report the issue to the mayor's hotline on Monday and the city responded the same day.

"The first email I got from them, they said that they contacted them. That's all I've gotten from the city," Carpenter said.

On Tuesday the Mayor's office told us an inspector has been assigned to that route to ensure the next pick up on Friday is done properly.

A neighbor who didn't want to be interviewed agreed the service was unacceptable.

"I'm just hoping it didn't happen in other places like it did in our street," Carpenter said.