Omaha man facing federal indictment

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- A federal grand jury has indicted an Omaha man on drug and gun charges, but it’s what investigators found in his car, home, and storage unit that alarmed them.

28-year-old Seth Vander Vorst was at a Roja Mexican Restaurant in Southwest Omaha in late July, two hours later he caused the business to go into lockdown.

According to a staff member, Vander Vorst had been bragging about the ability to make bombs when he got up to get something from his car. He left behind an unzipped backpack with an exposed, loaded gun. The manager locked the door after him and called the police.

Omaha Police Officer’s called the Omaha bomb squad upon arrival.

A large number of chemicals, powders, and firearm parts were located in the suspect’s apartment. Officers also seized 8 AK-47 magazines and 3 AR-15 magazines from Vander Vorst’s storage unit.

Bomb experts determined the chemicals could be used to make explosives.

According to the suspect’s father, Vander Vorst is mentally ill and hasn’t been taking his medication. He also shared recent comments from his son about building a bomb to “end it all.”

Vander Vorst has a history. Five years ago, he reportedly acted in a threatening manner at his home in Elkhorn, according to sheriff’s deputies.

The family of Vander Vorst believes he is doing much better after receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center.

According to Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, It comes down to determining if someone is mentally ill or mentally ill and dangerous.

“We want to make sure we make the right call. Because we don’t want something to happen and we look back and wish we would have done something,” said Kleine.

A federal grand jury recently indicted the suspect on drug and gun charges, with a maximum of 10-years in prison.

There have been no charges in connection with the chemicals and powders but investigators are keeping a close eye on him.