Omaha man charged with lewd conduct, again

Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 10:54 AM CDT
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An Omaha man has been arrested for “pleasing himself” in public for what police believe is the 12th time.

According to police reports, 31-year-old Anthony Triplett was charged with the latest offense just before midnight on Saturday.

Officers were called to 14th and Cuming after a caller reported seeing a man exposing himself. The officers encountered Triplett who told them he was charging his phone at an outlet on the outside of an apartment building.

The man who called 911 told officers when he arrived home to his building earlier, he saw Triplett sitting in the front entry way to the building with his pants down and was “pleasing himself.” The caller said Triplett then moved outside and continued to expose himself.

Officers relocated Triplett who at the time had his pants undone with his underwear was partially down. One of the officers noticed Triplett was looking at pornography on his phone. Triplett told officers he had just urinated but officers could not find any evidence to substantiate the claim.

The report notes that Triplet has 12 lewd conduct convictions, including an outstanding charge from the previous week.

"The damage and the scarring it does to victims, it's horrible to be exposed to that," Women's Center for Advancement CEO Amy Richardson said.

"You need to speak out," Richardson said. "You need to tell someone."

Richardson said the best way to keep repeat offenders from offending again is by keeping them behind bars. In Nebraska, public indecency is a misdemeanor, which means there is little law enforcement and the justice system can do.

Richardson and medical experts said there are also different treatment available for those with diagnosed disorders involving exposure.

Triplett was booked for 4th offense lewd conduct, due to Triplett not having a permanent address. His bond is set at $50,000. He is set to go on trial for the latest charge on September 1.