Omaha joins rallies across America calling for change in immigration policies

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- With debate over U.S. immigration policy boiling over and tensions rising on our southern border, groups took to the streets across America Friday, including the streets of Omaha, to call for change.

Fatima Flores-Laguna said, “The policies at our border are not representative of our community and they are not representative of values especially when it comes to a safe and accessible way of coming into this country.”

The national movement Lights for Liberty orchestrated the rallies across the country.

Flores-Laguna is an immigrant who has firsthand experience as part of the DACA policy and she said immigration is a national issue.

“An action that affects one person will ricochet and impact us all,” and she said that should matter to Nebraskans.

In the state of Nebraska we can sometimes feel sheltered like the issues of the west coast don't impact us but refugees are a part of every community and especially in Omaha that has a thriving community.”

Kaylie Verdin's family came to the United States when she was four and she said, “The majority of my life has been here in Omaha.”

She decided to join the rally alongside hundreds of others because she says she wants to rewrite the narrative around immigration.

“People have the misconception that immigrants are only here to steal resources to get rid of job opportunities for Americans when in reality everyone who is coming is seeking that American dream.”

Verdin says her family found their American dream.

“There's a lot of room for opportunity and there's nothing you can't do unless you don’t set your mind to it.”

Now she's fighting for the dream of others at the border.