Omaha homeowners find some garbage cans not emptied by trash collectors

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 9:56 PM CDT
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Trash collection day came with a surprise for several homeowners in a northwest Omaha neighborhood. After a garbage truck passed by, they found certain cans not emptied.

Fourteen tons is what this waste management employee estimates he lifts on one trash collection day.

Trash collector said, “Just add that up every day and when the can is oversized you have to take the cans into consideration.”

Thirty-two gallons is the limit but Hillsborough homeowner Pat Thompson says his 50-gallon cans have been emptied weekly for years until today.

Thompson said, “They had said they’re only accepting 32-gallon trash cans from here on out. Did you not know that or what? No idea.”

Bob Schmill lives across the street.

Schmill said, “They left this one the lid was still on it and I popped it up and I said really they couldn’t take this one?”

Bob left out these two trash cans this morning, this one 32 gallons was emptied this one 44 gallons left full.”

There is a 45-pound weight limit but a bathroom scale registers barely 25 pounds. So can size is why several Hillsborough trash cans got left un-emptied.

Thompson said, “I totally get rules it just seems like a weird, strange time to be enforcing this.”

Trash worker said, “We just follow rules and what we was told take the black bags, and cans that has 32 gallons five cans or ten bags.”

After contacted by 6 On Your Side, the city’s trash contract manager called waste management about can restrictions and was told, “it wasn’t any directive given by management.”

Waste management claims a different driver in the area wasn’t used to the type of cans that the neighborhood is using. Cans larger than 32 gallons set out in Hillsborough will be emptied.

Thompson said, “We all appreciate it very much and it was just kind of an out of the blue kind of thing.”

The crew returned to pick up all large cans starting with the two neighbors.

The city says the weight of your garbage can must be limited to 45 pounds to protect trash collectors from added stress and injury.

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