Omaha gathers to support Jewish community after synagogue shooting

Published: Oct. 29, 2018 at 10:14 PM CDT
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Communities across the country are coming together to remember the 11 people killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend.

Omaha was among those communities honoring those who lost their lives.

Hundreds of people from across the metro gathered at the Beth El Synagogue Monday night to stand in solidarity.

Those who attended came from all different religious backgrounds but all were united in sorrow and in love.

"All good people who are decent at heart want a society in which all of us feel safe and are loved," attendee Gina Comstock said.

The outpouring of support was seen long before the Omaha synagogue became standing room only.

"I just don't have any words. It's so incredibly nice," attendee Michael Raffel said.

Several people spoke to the packed crowd offering support to the Jewish community.

"Actually, our neighbors came. They had written my mom a paragraph of text about how badly they feel about this and how terrible it is to happen," Raffel said.

The vigil was just one step toward showing others they are loved. Comstock said driving out the hate goes far beyond Monday night's gathering.

"It shows that there is love in Omaha and that there is support, but the existence of love does not negate the existence of hate. Every individual can start with themselves and their own ideas and thinking and compassion," Comstock said.

The mood of the night was somber, but there was a sense of belonging.

There was extra security at the vigil, with law enforcement guarding the doors.

Community leaders and congressional candidates Kara Eastman and Don Bacon were also in attendance.

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