Omaha families of murder victims seek answers

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 5:29 PM CDT
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Families who are wondering what happened to a loved one gather in the streets to remind their neighbors -- someone has the answers.

In some cases, the victims have been gone for years -- and the case has gone cold.

The billboard at 30th and Spaulding Streets includes the message, “Who killed me? Break the silence.”

And includes more than a dozen photos of victims in unsolved cases.

On a rainy Memorial Day -- dozens gather in a long-forgotten parking lot at 30th and Spaulding.

They have something dreadful in common -- a family member was murdered -- and the killer is still free.

“No, I don’t want to be in this club, but it brings a level of solace and they can identify what you’re going through,” said Clarice Jackson of Omaha.

Jackson’s daughter, Latecia Fox, was killed along with two others five years ago. They were at a house party at 34th and Parker Streets when someone started firing into the crowd.

The family believes there was no shortage of witnesses.

"There's a street code and a no snitch thing. That code has been embedded in the community and is so strong. It prohibits people from speaking,” Jackson said.

‘The families of the stolen’ as they're called -- let go of balloons in honor of their loved ones --- in front of a billboard with a simple, sad, but true statement.

“We need to find some justice for at least one of these families here. It’s a necessary evil,” said Buffy Bush-Porter, whose sister was murdered in 2011.

So many cases without an ending -- and pleas from several families -- can you help?

The number for Crimestoppers is (402) 444-STOP.

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