Omaha couple finally parents after 15 miscarriages

Published: Oct. 26, 2017 at 9:43 PM CDT
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An Omaha couple had their prayers answered after 13 years of heartache – they’re finally parents. Henley, or Squeakers, as her parents lovingly call her, arrived October 15th.

"No one knew about her. She was a secret,” said Lindsay Vargas.

To understand why Lindsay and Brian Vargas kept this precious baby a secret, you have to go back 13 years. Lindsay and Brian went through 15 miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy, three failed adoptions and two failed surrogacy attempts to get here.

6 News first sat down with them a year and a half ago when they were brave enough to open up about their heartache.

“I know in my heart at one point I would love to be a mom. I don't care how it happens,” Lindsey said in an earlier interview with 6 News.

Their story and GoFundMe page spread nationwide.

"A birth mother who was pregnant and saw our story and she felt that God led her to us and asked if we were interested in possibly parenting her child,” Lindsey said.

Lindsay and Brian were skeptical after everything they went through but that birth mother had given up another baby for adoption. After connecting with that family, they knew this was real. On October 15th, their dream came true.

"I cried like an absolute baby. Absolutely sobbing,” Lindsay said.

Their 13-year struggle to become parents was worth it in that moment in a California delivery room.

Brian and Lindsay kept Henley a surprise for months. They even kept her nursery a surprise but that's not the only surprise they have been keeping. Lindsay's sister Kelly is carrying twins for them: a boy and a girl!

"I can't wait for them to have this complete family,” Kelly said through tears. "It Makes me so happy.”

The tears and pain were all worth it. Lindsay and Brian can finally call themselves mom and dad.