Omaha couple searches for owners of dog that attacked their own

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- A pleasant walk with their dogs turned into horrifying moments for an Omaha couple.

A brutal attack by another dog left a beloved pet critically injured and the owner of the other dog didn't stick around.

Beloved dog Nigel is recovering from a vicious attack by a dog five times his size, estimates owner, Charles Nodler.

"It's the biggest rottweiler I've ever seen, it was huge. It's probably 140 to 150 pounds," said Nodler.

One bite sent Nigel into two-hour emergency surgery.

”The doctor needed to go in and make sure his abdominal wall wasn’t pierced and it turns out that it was so they had to open him up and take out he said five inches of small intestine," said Nodler.

The attack happened on a public trail at Flanagan Lake on Sunday.

Steph and Charles were walking Nigel and stepped off the path to give two females with four dogs plenty of room. Then, their rottweiler got loose.

"And I stepped in front of them to try and block the dog and he came around this way just like that," said Nodler.

The owners of the rottweiler gave an apology but nothing more.

They did say sorry my dog bit your dog and they just took off and I was just making sure my dog wasn’t bleeding to death or anything," said Nodler.

The couple says they only caught a glimpse of the women walking the rottweiler and didn't see the vehicle they drove off in.

Leaving Nigel's owners with an $8,000 vet bill so far.

“Of course it would be nice to know who they are and that they even just checked on us to see how we were. Maybe they didn’t know how severe his injuries were," said Steph.

The couple is worried another dog may not be as lucky.

"I wish they would step forward at least to say hey my dog did this and I think that dog is a big dog that’s clearly an aggressive dog," said Nodler.

Nigel’s owners say the rottweiler was being walked by two women with blond hair and handling four large dogs. The Humane Society is keeping a lookout for them and could issue citations. However, there is no law requiring dog owners to exchange information after an altercation. Call the Nebraska Humane Society if you have information on the attack.

Tipsters can call The Humane Society at 402- 444-7800 and press 1 to give details on tips of who this might be.