Omaha council member wants more from city snow removal

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- There have been many people complaining about slick streets in their neighborhoods. Some residential streets in Omaha are covered with ice and pretty slick, a city councilmember says Omaha should do more to clean up our neighborhood streets.

Lots of snow still on Leavenworth Street at 7th Street on Friday afternoon. (Rachel Urbanski / WOWT)

There are some residential streets that are pretty clear and there are some streets that are still covered in ice.

John Kobold is working to clear his driveway, John says he gets around pretty good on residential streets.

“They’re just a little slick needs salt or something on them just the side streets are hard to get around especially with the hills around here but I good around pretty good it’s not too bad,” said Kobold.

Some residential streets aren’t too bad right now, but with more precipitation on the way, there is concern about piling more snow and ice on top of ice already. Omaha city council member Vinney Palermo says some of his constituents are upset about the condition of neighborhood streets. The councilman says Omaha should do more.

“We should have every piece of equipment and every possible personal out and being proactive ahead of this next storm that’s coming and taking care of these residential streets that we know if you’ve driven in most of them, they’re not in very good shape,” said Palermo.

John is hoping streets in his neighborhood are OK after the predicted snowfall and that he will only have to worry about clearing his driveway tomorrow to get out of his neighborhood.

Palermo says ice on some of the residential streets is creating a hazard.

“If you’re hearing that salt only works at certain temperatures obviously today this afternoon would be ideal to go out and be proactive and put some salt down if that’s the only material we’re putting down why we aren’t doing it,” said Palermo.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert tells us the city puts about 120 trucks on the streets to clear snow. The streets were pretreated but with this storm and the snow was followed by sleet and very cold temperatures.

“When you get 15 degrees or less the granular salt does not work you can see it sitting on top of the ice out there,” said Stothert. “The residential areas we start plowing at two inches or more and when the snow stopped so Friday we started at noon doing the residential.”

Mayor Stothert says city work crews have worked hard to keep the streets clear of ice and snow. Right now the city might need a little help from Mother Nature.

“This has to do with these different types of conditions that we have and we just really have to deal with them each individual storm differently what we have to hope for right now is some warmer temperatures above 15 degrees so all that salt that’s out there on top of the ice will start working,” said Stothert.