Omaha company sees growth as businesses continue to work from home

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Published: May. 7, 2020 at 2:14 PM CDT
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One Omaha company is extremely busy helping people do their jobs outside the office during this pandemic.

Many of us are still out of the office and working from home. As the push to change the way we work continues, employers are relying on tech companies to make massive changes.

Brian Cerny with RedITech said, "We are doing our own small part to help keep America moving, help keep Americans employed as much as possible so that people can continue to work."

RedITech in Omaha has helped nearly 500 other companies across the Midwest get their employees set up to work from home.

With the new changes comes challenges for IT experts.

Dane Johnson with RedITech said, "The biggest challenge is probably getting equipment here. A lot of equipment has been made overseas or is not available. Laptops… I still couldn't even get you a good date to get you a laptop."

It's not just simple technology calls these tech professionals are taking, they are also having to protect companies while employees work from home.

“Right now a lot of people want quick access to their computer. They're opening themselves up to risks from attackers to try and get access to their home network or easier ways to get into a cooperate network that would normally be a little harder to get into,” said Johnson.

Leaders in the tech industry say the changes we are seeing now will impact the way the IT world operates going forward. They also say this could change the way some of us work forever.

"I think people will realize how valuable having IT really is and using technology and for some businesses, it may be difficult to get them back into the office on a regular basis,” said Johnson.

The influx in companies needing tech help during the pandemic has created a need for more employees.

RedITech has actually had to hire three new employees to fill the need.

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