Omaha bomb squad disposes of grenade found in American Legion

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - When veterans die, the family will sometimes donate their old war belongings to the American Legion.

That was the case when Omaha's American Legion Post 1 found a grenade in a medical bag along with a Japanese flag.

The Omaha Bomb Squad removed the grenade from the American Legion Monday morning and took it for what they call "controlled disposal."

"We were cleaning out cabinets, trying to get rid of old stuff and found an old medical bag. I went to see what was inside of it and there happened to be this hand grenade," Ruthanne Dimmock-Revers said.

Most people would be surprised to find a grenade. Dimmock-Revers said she was not.

"It's not like I haven't. I'm military. I'm retired military. It wasn't that scary. I just put it back on the bag and shelf," she said.

The grenade was found on Thursday, but OPD removed it on Monday.

It's not the first time a grenade or explosive device has been found in Omaha.

In 2016, a grenade was found in a vacant home. And in 2015 a woman found a WWII grenade in her west Omaha home.

"You know what I said, it's not the first one I've seen and it's probably not the last one I will see. It's hard to say," Dimmock-Revers said.

If you find an item you believe is explosive or dangerous in any way, please contact OPD to dispose of it.