Omaha Walmart parking lot sees a string of violent crimes

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 4:51 PM CST
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Once again Omaha Police were called to an Omaha Walmart for violence that occurred in the store’s parking lot. Last night police had to break up a violent attack, and last night’s incident is not the first time police were called to the Irvington Walmart near 99th and Blair High Road.

The parking lot at the Irvington Walmart still loaded with the cars of people shopping for Christmas. Police responded to reports of a man being beaten with a baseball bat by four men who he allegedly stole from.

and what they believe to be stolen weapons from a truck, including an AK-47 type semiautomatic rifle.

Police have charged Trevor Custard with a number of felonies including burglary and possession of stolen firearms. This is the latest in a string of violent crimes at this Walmart parking lot.

In April of 2018, 21-year-old Kyvian Nelson was shot in the parking lot, she later died from her injuries. In June of last year, police were called to the same Walmart again after shots were fired.

Tammy Cain has heard all the stories and she doesn’t want her elderly parents shopping at the store.

”My brother lives in the area and he’s a paramedic and he’s actually had to go on calls there for the shootings and things so he was in there when there was someone pulling a knife on people,” said Cain.

Terrie Wagner does a lot of shopping at the Irvington Walmart but she says she doesn’t feel safe.

“Not really, because there’s too much going on but other Walmart’s as well so you know I’m always looking over my shoulder when I’m there,” said Wagner.

One neighbor tells 6 News she was in the store when Kyvian Nelson was shot in the parking lot.

Officials from Walmart’s corporate office tell us over the last three years Walmart has invested more than a half-billion dollars to prevent crime in their parking lots and to ensure the safety of the customers and the employees.

Officials say they have also made major investments at the Irvington Walmart. They have placed “lot cops” which are stationary and mobile security systems with cameras and lights. Additional security is also added during peak shopping seasons.

Tammie says its great Walmart is working to prevent crime but she says it’s the people who need to change.

“People have just gone crazy it seems like to me, we need a lot more love and compassion in the world,” said Tammie.

No word yet if the men who allegedly beat Trevor Custard with a bat will face any charges.

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