Omaha Steaks offers $1,600 to charity in response to missed Jeopardy question

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Omaha Steaks has offered to donate $1,600 to a charity of Jeopardy winner Jessica Garsed’s choice after she was docked for forgetting a letter in an answer to one of the questions.

The episode aired on Tuesday, the category was The Meat Industry Hall of Fame for $800, and her question was “Nebraska’s Alan Simon made his fortune with mailable beef from this company?”

Garsed answered, “What is Omaha Steak.” It was $1,600 in Jeopardy winnings that she missed because she forgot the “s” on the end of Omaha Steaks.

“What is the cost of an “S”?” said Omaha Steaks Senior Vice President and Family Owner Todd Simon, “It was $1,600 in Jeopardy winnings and we would like to give that money to Garsed’s local community, as well as send her some delicious Omaha Steaks.”

Garsed would go on to win Tuesday’s match, bringing her 2-day total to $32,000. She returns to the show on Wednesday.