Omaha Public Works fixes traffic noise issue in Florence

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 9:36 PM CDT
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People living along a busy

. But a bump in the road has caused an unbearable sound. Mike McKnight told us about the issue a few months ago and tonight we find out if the city has been listening.

For months, this patch on North 30th and Reynolds Streets has caused neighbors to shake rattle and roll their eyes.

“It’s a busy street. A lot of truck traffic and stuff but the bumps create such a racket -- you couldn’t even talk in the backyard,” said Ray Perrigo, who lives nearby.

It appears Omaha Public Works heard the complaints.

This week Perrigo and his neighbors heard a sound they’re glad to hear -- a city crew making repairs. So hopefully the truck traffic passing through here will no longer rattle their nerves.

A section on the northbound lane was jack-hammered out and refilled with new asphalt.

“I’m glad somebody is listening now because we’ve had pictures fall off the wall,” Perrigo said.

A few days later it sounded like the city had smoothed things over with neighbors.

“Yeah, it’s nice they’re listening. It’s just that they need to do more. Repair from across the whole intersection,” said homeowner Dennis Schlickbernd.

Public Works wasn’t going to fix the southbound lanes until City Engineer Todd Pfitzer was sent a video of the problem.

Pfitzer says the video tells a story. So a crew will be out again to fix the bump on the other side of 30th Street.

“We will watch and listen. We’ll see what happens,” Perrigo said.

Neighbors making noise should help quiet the banging of truck traffic passing by.

Even with repairs to the bump on the southbound lanes -- the street maintenance engineer says resurfacing the entire intersection is the best long term solution. No decision yet on when that might happen.